Local Bracing Services

 As an accredited provider to the professional medical community, and over 30 years experience, we are here to meet your specialty product needs. From ankle to elbow, motocross to football, we have customized bracing choices for your active lifestyles. 

Ligament Bracing

 Townsend’s Rebel Series offers an extremely diverse range of ordering options. Based on the patient’s clinical needs and activities, you can configure the brace to optimize control and patient compliance.


Patients who have experienced ligament injuries and/or reconstructive knee surgery.


• Rigid Aircraft Aluminum Frame
• Patented Townsend Motion TM5+ Hinges
• Extension Stop Kit
• Patented Synergistic Suspension Strap
• Anti-Migration Strap Padding
• Rotation Control Tibial Shell Contour
• Powdercoat Finish


• Rebel Lite (lowest weight, less rigid)
• Rebel (ideal for most patients)
• Rebel Pro (heavy duty users and contact sports)
• ACL Or Combined Instabilities
• 13, 14, 15 And 16 Inch Shell Length
• Compression/Suspension Package
• Flexion Stop Kit
• A Variety Of Colors 

Osteo-Arthritis Bracing

 The RelieverOne is a single upright rigid aircraft aluminum brace that is a very light weight, low profile solution for maintaining normal leg alignment and reducing load on the affected compartment.
The UniReliever is a single upright rigid aircraft aluminum brace that utilizes an adjustable force buttress and is the ideal solution for lateral OA patients (hinge is positioned adjacent to the affected compartment).


Patients diagnosed with mild to moderate medial or lateral OA.


• Aircraft Aluminum Frame
• Patented Townsend Motion TM6 or TM5+ Hinge
• Extension Stop Kit
• Adjustable Correction
• Patented Synergistic Suspension Strap
• Anti-Migration Strap Padding
• Rotation Control Tibial Shell Contouring
• Powdercoat Finish


The RelieverOne features an Adjustable Force Paddle at the proximal end of the brace. This paddle can be shifted to increase or decrease correction, and/or to optimize patient comfort. The paddle can also be angled to fit flush against the leg for even distribution of counter force pressure. The UniReliever features an adjustable force buttress that allows the patient to optimize correction by tightening anterior and posterior thigh straps. 

Osteo-Arthritis bracing

 Rebel Reliever

Osteoarthritis Knee Brace The Rebel Reliever is the ONLY knee brace that is universally adaptable for medial OA, lateral OA, and ligament instability. The brace is designed to stabilize the knee by gently applying a 3-point corrective force to the leg. Townsend’s patented LoadShifter technology provides the necessary mechanical leverage to shift compressive forces away from the damaged side of the knee. The brace effectively limits varus or valgus misalignment, and redistributes the patient’s weight across a broader aspect of the knee joint resulting in less pain.

MotoCross Bracing

The WEB & The Motocross Air


The Web is a genuine custom version of a OTS motocross brace developed by EVS. The longer 16 inch shell and patella guard offer maximum ligament and impact protection.

The Motocross Air combines Townsend’s patented hinge motion, suspension and rotation technology with the EVS patella guard.

 • Custom Molded Laminated Carbon Graphite Shells
• Patented Townsend Motion TM5+ Hinges
• Extension Stop Kit
• Patented Synergistic Suspension Strap (Motocross Air)
• Second Shell Pad With No Patella Guard
• Anti-Migration Strap Padding